The Oregon Special Teams (ALL Oregon Coaches)

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The Oregon Special Teams (ALL Oregon Coaches)

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1. The Fish Report: Chip’s Changeups
Video Analysis  Published 11-01-2011
This analysis shows the strategy for blocking a punt and overcoming a blitz that has been stuffing the Inside Zone Read play. Directory 16.0  


2. The Fish Report: More Than A Point After
Video Analysis Published 2-14-2012
How spoiled are we as Duck fans? Something as routine as a PAT is no longer a mundane act, but an opportunity to excite the crowd and the team. This week’s report will analyze Oregon’s unique “Swinging Gate” formation used during extra points. Directory 16.0

Kevin Cline

Chip did not have an issue with going for two…


3. Oregon Special Teams Analysis: Swinging What?
Text Analysis Published 2-26-2013
How does Oregon get so many two point conversions?   We have a variety of plays that we have used over the years on extra points, and the Swinging Gate Formation is just one of the reasons Oregon puts the “Special” in special teams. Directory 16.0


4. Special Teams Analysis:  In the Blink of an Eye
Text Analysis Published 5-14-2013
Coach Todd Moore examines the infamous kickoff return TD of De’Anthony Thomas in the Fiesta Bowl and breaks it down.


5. Special Teams Analysis: Attacking the PAT Perimeter
Text Analysis: Published on 9-06-2016
Coach Ruskin Fiegenbaum explains one of the infamous Special Teams “Swinging Gate” strategies by Oregon begun by Coach Chip Kelly, and continued by Coach Mark Helfrich.


–6.  Chip Kelly’s Amazing Special Teams
Text Analysis: 
October 15, 2014
Joe Kearns demonstrates how Special Teams can turn a season around and help win games!


–7.  Making Oregon’s Special Teams-SPECIAL
Text and Video Analysis: 
November 30, 2011
This is a tremendous collection of Special Teams plays that changed games and illustrate the importance of them at Oregon.


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