Corvallis, Oregon, Reaches for It’s True Potential

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Hello friends. It’s good to talk with you again. As most of you know, I retired from some time ago. I am enjoying the warm weather in my retirement community. The neighbors speak with an accent, making communication difficult. But that will come with time. Not long ago I was reading a magazine someone had smuggled, via their rectum, into … Goes to the Movies

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If you are anything like me, Frank Kaminsky has made it difficult to sleep during the last week. He has surpassed Urban Meyer in the Insomnia Derby. But it’s time to put it aside. The Ducks had a better year on the hardwood than most of us thought they could. They made the tournament and played to their seed. (An 8 …

Preview of Ducks and Cougars Showdown

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It’s game day ladies and gentleman! Oregon is taking on Washington State this afternoon at Matthew Knight Arena in an epic match-up that will most likely be a close one similar to the first game. When the two teams met up the first time, the game went all the way to overtime with the Cougars winning at home 108-99. A …