Remaining Playbook and Variations (Chip Kelly/Mark Helfrich/Scott Frost)

The “Open-Gap” Inside Zone Read?

Remaining Plays of the Playbook and Variations of the Oregon Spread Offense under Chip Kelly, Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost 

(48 Analysis Articles)

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–1. The Fish Report: New Wrinkles Against Nevada
Video and Text Analysis Published 9-13-2011
This video shows the variations of Zone Read Attack with the Bubble Threat by the wide receivers, but also from the running back going in motion helping the running game.

–2. The Fish Report: The Great Spread Offense Laboratory
Video Analysis Published 10-19-2011
This is a loaded video analysis as we look at the three major components of the Zone Read play along with the new “Double-Pistol Triple Option” play, and finally we address a new variation in the Backfield formation.


More time for analysis…

–3.  Fish Report: Chip’s Motives Perplexing Against Buffs
Video Analysis Published 10-24-2011
We see some delicious formations and plays served up against the Buffaloes, as the Triple Tailback Threat re-emerges as does the Ace formation. We also see some new play-action pass variations this week to take note of. Fun stuff!


–4.  The FishDuck Minute #2: Oregon’s New “Dart” Play
Video Analysis Published 1-30-2012
Here is the beginning of “The FishDuck Minute” where I will take a play or concept and break it down in a short and concise way to make it easy for Oregon fans to learn, “a bite at a time” like I do! We’ll have them released on Tuesday each week, so let others know about “Video-Time Tuesday” at The Dart play is something for all to look for in the Oregon Offense as a new variation off of the Inside Zone Read. Dir. 2.1


–5.  The FishDuck Minute No. 5: Oregon’s Jet-Lead-Fly Sweep with Play-Action
Video Analysis Published 2-27-2012
A key to Oregon’s success has been running several different play series out of the same formations over the season. Which play is it? Is it run or pass? Much of our scoring punch has come from playing away from our tendencies such as the use of the “Lead Sweep” set of plays. Directory 2.0


–6.  The FishDuck Minute #11: Oregon has a Trap Play!
Video and Text Analysis Published 4-09-2012
Oregon has shown a number of Inside Zone and Power Plays in the past and I always kept an eye out for a classic Trap Play.  I never noted one until going through games of 2011—and there it is!  The Chip Kelly’s Spread Offense has a Trap Play in its Offensive arsenal, and it’s fun to see how it is a different play from the Power Play. Directory 2.1


–7.  Chip Kelly Brings a FULLBACK to the Oregon Spread Offense?
Text Analysis Published 10-02-2012
Chip Kelly shows us how you can bring the equivalent of a fullback into the Spread Offense utilizing many uses! Directory 2.1,


–8.  Chip Kelly Reveals the “Double-Stack” Play to USC
Text Analysis Published 10-23-2012
The play variations off the “Double-Stack” Formation was highly successful against Colorado and will truly give conference defensive coordinators another headache to contend with.   It has all the hallmarks we love in the Chip Kelly Offense, in that it spreads the defense out, but can attack you on the ground and through the air. Directory 2.1


–9.  Oregon’s Innovative “Cross-Buck” and “Tiny TE” Passing Strategies
Text Analysis Published 11-13-2012
Chip pulls out a few more twists in his game plan for Cal that again–is innovative. Directory 2.1


–10.  Chip Kelly’s Strangest Play (EVER)
Text Analysis Published 12-11-2012
In the past two football campaigns we have seen new running plays and some innovative blocking ideas, but nothing like what I am about to show you.  It is a variation spun off a prior strategy, and yet has it roots in the Chip Kelly we all know.  Prepare for the Dual Triple Stack Formation!


–11.  Is Oregon Adding a Tight End Twist?
Text Analysis Published 3-05-2013
This new “twist” of using the TE this way opened up a progression of opportunities for the Oregon offense. It was a classic example of Oregon creating a series of weaknesses in the defense and capitalizing upon it with a new look.  It is a variation, a wrinkle that I hope to see more often this next year as it utilizes our strength at Tight End!


–12.  Oregon Has A Counter Play After All!
Text Analysis Published 3-12-2013
We look at an example of the Counter play out of the Spread, and consider a variation that achieves nearly the same result. Directory 2.1


–13.  Oregon Ran Sucker Plays on USC?
Text Analysis Published 5-28-2013
That is a bit provocative of a title, but what if it was true? Did Oregon hammer USC so badly with the running game in the past that it set up Southern Cal for their own Trojan horses? (It WAS true…) Directory 2.1, 3.0


–14.  Isn’t an Oregon Quarterback SWEEP Risky?
Text Analysis Published 6-4-2013
Imagine my surprise to find ANOTHER new play in the USC game, the Quarterback Sweep! Last week we enjoyed the revelation of “Sucker Plays”.  As I reviewed it, I began to think about the other plays that the Oregon QB serves as the ball carrier and began to wonder about at what point is it too risky to be putting a tremendous player in such an exposed position for injury?


–15.  How Oregon Protects Mariota with New Play Variations!
Text and GIF Analysis Published 12-10-2013
Marcus Mariota ran for a couple of first downs and pulled the ball in some Mid-Level Zone Reads. However, the majority of plays were NOT using the Zone Read by design; how much DID Oregon change their offense?  How much was a blend between the “new” plays and the very old? This article will answer some questions for all of us! Directory 2.0


–16.  Different League, Same Package: How the Oregon Offense Ran Through the NFL in 2013 
Text and GIF Analysis Published 1-14-2014
An analysis comparing plays of the Eagles and the Ducks; Oregon and Spread Offense playbook… Directory 2.0


–17.  The Evolution Will be Televised: The Development of Packaged Plays in the Chip Kelly Offense
Text and GIF Analysis Published 2-18-201
These “packaged run/pass plays” (with the ability to end up as either a run or pass based on the defensive look), were already on the rise in college football.  In the NFL, these packaged plays help Kelly attack defenses in a way that was both similar to his Oregon days and new to the defenses he faced.  This article will analyze the development of run/pass plays with the Eagles this season and show how Chip packaged his staple plays into explosive ones. (Oregon Playbook/Spread Offense Playbook) Directory 2.0, 2.5


–18.  Three Reasons Why Chip Kelly’s Offense is Not a Fad
Text Analysis Published 2-23-2014
One of the most common generalizations of Chip Kelly’s offense is that it’s a fad.  Even smart, seasoned NFL coaches have made the mistake of dealing in platitudes and generalizations when discussing Kelly’s offense with those in the media.


–19.  How Coaches Use Trap Plays to Complement the Zone Read
Text Analysis Published 3-25-2014
To complement the zone scheme, it is also important to install constraint plays that help keep the defense off-balance and provide the offense with a variety of ways to move the football on the ground.  How this is implemented depends heavily on the formations used and the coach’s philosophy.  In this article we will explore the trap concept and how it can be used to diversify the Spread Offense run game. Directory 2.1


–20.  Empty & Full: My Favorite Play of the Oregon 2014 Spring Game
Text and GIF Analysis Published 5-06-2014
One of the few core spread offense concepts I had not broken down was the No-Back/“Empty”formation and near the end of the first quarter of this year’s Oregon Spring Game, I finally saw my chance.  The Ducks opening touchdown of 2014 came out of a well designed Empty Backfield passing play, and I knew it was time that this particular formation had a FishDuck analysis. (Oregon and Spread Offense Playbook) Directory 2.1


–21.  Exploring Tight End Principles That Boost the Ducks’ Running Game
Text and GIF Analysis Published 6-17-2014
Without getting too nit-picky about the “spread offense” phrasing, I’d like to bust one myth; they use a tight end. As an Oregon fan, you probably realize that, however, I bet you didn’t realize how much success comes from adding the tight end. Let’s look at strategies with the Tight End to boost offensive production from the Spread Offense… (Oregon and Spread Offense playbook) Directory 2.1, 7.7


–22.  Byron Marshall Loves Oregon’s New Slot-Sweep Read
Text and GIF Analysis Published 9-16-2014
This covers a new variation of the “Sweep Read” play and goes into the concept of blocking down by linemen and receivers. Directory 2.0, 7.3


–23.  How the Oregon Spread Offense Confuses Defenses with the Load-Right
Text and GIF Analysis Published 9-23-2014
Variations abound in both the running and passing game out of the “Load Right” formation for the Spread Offense! Directory 2.1 (Power, Inside Zone Read, PA Pass)


–24.  Oregon’s New “Loaded Option” is Surprising Opponents
Text and GIF Analysis Published 11-25-2014
We have looked at three methods of how Oregon has implemented its own version of the “Loaded Option” to determine when it wishes to have predetermined QB running plays. The name is a misnomer as in reality it is not an option at all, but it is another variation within the Oregon offense for defenses to try to stop. During the days of the wishbone this strategy was so effective that QBs became the leading rushers on their teams!


–25.  How Ohio State beat Oregon: The Wham/Trap Play
Text and GIF Analysis Published 2-24-2015
This is a good look at a play for Spread Offenses and how to block it. (Painful for me to create) Directory 2.1


–26.  An Ohio State Dagger into Oregon: The Counter Play
Text and GIF Analysis Published 3-03-2015
This play is one that all Spread Offenses should have, and we look at it and the blocking. This has been viewed by many thousand Oregon and Ohio State fans. Directory 2.1


–27.  Influencing the Defense in the Option Game
Text and Video Analysis Published 8-04-2015 has some of the best analysis on the web that examines Oregon’s offense. Here we add to this library of knowledge with an analysis of how the Ducks incorporate small and easily-implemented wrinkles into their option game to influence the defense. These wrinkles are effective in pulling defenders out of position and creating space for Oregon ball carriers to chew up massive amounts of yardage.


–28.  Oregon Surprises Colorado With a New Sprint Draw Play
Text and GIF Analysis Published 10-06-2015
I could list off a number of plays that might be pulled out of the playbook from the past to confuse the opponent, but I did not anticipate seeing the Sprint-Draw play! Let’s take a look at this interesting play and the reasoning for introducing it. (Oregon Spread Offense playbook)


–29.  The Fish Report: Oregon’s New Triple Tailback Threat Formation
Video and Text Analysis, Published 7-18-2011
If I told you that Chip ran a new formation last year that nobody wrote about or even noticed and it put THREE Tailbacks on the field at the same time—would you believe it?  Hard to think of something that bizarre, yet he wants to put the best talent, especially the speed guys in space as much as possible.  Right?


–30.  The Fish Report: Oregon’s New Dual H-Back Formation & Plays
Text Analysis  Published 7-15-2011
This is an analysis of Chip Kelly plays run out of dual-back formation in the National Championship game of the 2010 season


–31.  The Fish Report: Oregon’s New Slash Formation And Plays
Text Analysis  Published 7-16-2011
This article analyzes the plays in the National Championship game after the 2010 for Chip Kelly out of the Slash formation.  There are some interesting twists…Directory 2.1


–32.  The Fish Report: Oregon’s New ACE Formation & Plays
Text Analysis Published 7-17-2011
Oregon rolled out a new offensive formation in a Spring game and did use it briefly the following season. Many of Oregon’s basic plays could still be run out of it, such as the Sweep Read.


–33.  The Fish Report: Offense Unfolds Against Missouri State
Video and Text Analysis Published 9-19-2011
An analysis of new plays and a new formation within the Spread Offense to test against Missouri State. Directory 2.1


–34.  The Fish Report: QB Runs Answered & A New Play!
Video and Text Analysis Published 9-28-2011
An analysis of how Oregon did Zone Reading of three different positions in a game against Arizona including the Mid-line or as some call the Mid-Level Zone Read play. 2.1


–35.  The Fish Report: Chip’s Changeups
Video Analysis  Published 11-01-2011
This analysis shows the strategy for blocking a punt and overcoming a blitz that has been stuffing the Inside Zone Read play. Directory 2.1, 2.0,16.0


–36.  The FishDuck Minute #14: Oregon’s Mid-Level Read
Video Analysis Published 6-19-2012
Oregon’s offense boils down to a series of constraint plays. One of those “counters” is the Mid-line, or Mid-Level read, where the QB reads an interior defender rather than a defensive end or linebacker. Examples from both the 2010 and 2011 seasons are included as gives you an exclusive look at one of Oregon’s most dynamic running plays. Directory 2.1, 2.3


–37.  Chip Kelly’s “No-Read” Inside Zone Play
Text Analysis Published 1-15-2011
It seems that sometimes we are not reading or optioning anyone, yet the results on these plays are often quite productive.  The old-school Inside Zone play is a staple of most football teams, and it appears that Chip pulled this old gem out of the playbook to help defeat Kansas State.  Directory 2.1


–38.  A New Fish Report Video Analysis: The Inadvertent Mid-line Zone Read
Video Analysis Published 9-03-2013
We will follow the conference rules for video usage while breaking down a very strange play from our game with Nicholls.  We will also take a look at some new shining stars on offense that may have played under the radar of most observers. Directory 2.0, 2.3


–39.  Did Helfrich’s Game Plan “Chip-Away” at Washington?
Text and GIF Analysis Published 10-15-2013
The Huskies had faced the CK game plan last year, and they had better defensive personnel this year to slow down Oregon, yet I saw some surprises that, I personally could not have anticipated and, HAD to have given Washington headaches.  How much has Helfrich learned from Chip?  Let’s look at a very innovative game plan for the Huskies and ponder just WHO WAS preparing the game plans of the past?


–40.  Pistol Offense Variations now part of the Oregon Spread Attack
Text and GIF Analysis Published 10-21-2014
It was important to introduce the Pistol from the most important and foundation play of the Oregon Spread Offense, the Inside Zone Read, but Oregon has utilized several other plays out of the Pistol this season, including play-action passes.Blocking angles are examined in this analysis as well. Directory 2.1

–41.  Analysis: How Wyoming Ran so Well on Oregon
Text and GIF Analysis Published 3-10-2015
Three plays are illustrated that show power football at it’s best and good to have in your playbook. Directory 2.1


–42.  Oregon Playbook: The Counter Play Reappears
Text Analysis: Published 9-27-2016
Charles Fischer shows examples out of Oregon’s Classic Spread Offense of the Counter Play and how it can operate out of the Shotgun successfully.


–43.  The Run-Pass Option: A Mid-Line Sweep Read w/Bubble Threat
Text Analysis: Published on 9-20-2016
Charles Fischer shows a new RPO concept utilizing Mid-Line Sweep with a pass option and the blocking that comes with this play that attacks many areas of the defense at one time.  This is a very cool play to study!


–44.  Chip Kelly, Brad Smith and the Wildcat
Text and GIF Analysis: 
July 11, 2014
Joe Kearns shows coaches and fans how a “Wildcat” play can mix things up and keep teams off-guard with some variations thrown in.


–45.  Oregon Stuns Opponents with New Inverted Veer Play!
Text Analysis: Published on 9-13-2016
Oregon is not known for running an Inverted Veer as Auburn or Clemson, but the Ducks added it to the playbook as Charles Fischer examines its success in a game.


–46.  Oregon Analysis: Weird Cal Surprises and Season Finish
Text Analysis: Nov 10, 2015
Charles Fischer covers a new play that attacks both perimeters at the same time.


–47.  Lane Johnson: Chip Kelly’s Secret Weapon in Space?
Text and GIF Analysis: 
August 8, 2014
Joe Kearns shares superb offensive tackle techniques, but also some interesting plays to use in the Spread Offense…

–48.  Different League, Same Package: How the Oregon Offense Ran Through the NFL in 2013-January 21, 2014
Text and GIF Analysis: 
January 21, 2014
Coach Brian Flinn of Villanova explains many of the plays used in the NFL by Chip Kelly and their updated application to Oregon plays

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