The Oregon Defense: ZONE BLITZES

Kenny Rowe was fast off the edge!

The Oregon Defense: ZONE BLITZES

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1. Fish Report: Rose Bowl Zone Blitzes
Text Analysis  (Pictures to add and some work to do) Published 6-15-2011
In the days before the website–articles such as this were available describing the Zone Blitzes done by Oregon in the Rose Bowl following the 2009 season. Directory: 8.0


2. Oregon’s Hybrid 3-4 Attacking Defense: The “Fire” Zone Blitz
Video Analysis Published 7-24-2012
One of the classic Zone Blitzes is discussed and shown by the Oregon Defense! Dir.8.0


3. Oregon’s Defensive Attack: The Dreaded Inside Zone Blitz
Video Analysis Published 7-31-2012
We have had a blast learning about Oregon’s new Hybrid 3-4 defense, and the Fire Zone Blitz in the last two weeks. We’re going to have fun this week learning about our dreaded Inside Zone blitz, along with some other defensive strategies that have elevated Oregon in recent years. Directory 8.0

Kiko Alonso


4. Ducks Zone Blitz Attack De-Claws the ‘Cats Deep Passing Game
Text Analysis Published 2-12-2013
This is a nice review of the Zone Blitzes that helped Oregon defeat Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl BCS game. Directory 8.0, 9.0


5. How Stanford Attacked Oregon’s Pass Protection
Text and GIF Analysis Published 6-24-2014
Watching Stanford take on Oregon recently has been interesting for coaches, specifically on passing downs as Stanford’s three and four man pass rush really caused Oregon problems. Stanford does a terrific job of making things look much more complex than they actually are for offenses, as we’ll examine. Against Oregon, Stanford targets the Ducks’ offensive line by faking blitzes, thus attacking Oregon’s pass protection rules and getting favorable one-on-one match-ups. Directory 9.0


6. Lessons for Oregon: How Michigan State Slowed Down Stanford’s Offense
Text and GIF Analysis Published 8-12-2014
A great defensive article that helps you to learn about blitzes and stunts regardless of the team. (Some of it includes Oregon) Directory 10.0, 12.2


7. How the University of South Dakota Will Try to Defend Oregon
Text and GIF Analysis Published 8-19-2014
EXCELLENT analysis of blitzes out of the 3-4 defense against the Spread Offense;  a great primer for all who wish to learn from both sides of the ball. Directory 8.0


8. Winning the Trenches: The Key to the Oregon Ducks and Philadelphia Eagles’ 3-4 Defenses
Text Analysis Published 9-19-2014
A breakdown of blitzes, stunts, and one or two gapping in the 3-4 defense.

Dion Jordan hurt a lot of players on his blitzes.


9. The Art and Science of the Blitz — Boundary Pressure from Florida State
Text Analysis Published 12-23-2014
The first of a two part series looking at blitzes, and superb for the fan and coach to learn from. Directory 8.0


10. The Art and Science of the Blitz – Field Pressure from Florida State
Text Analysis Published 12-27-2014
In the last post, we discussed some of the benefits of bringing pressure from the boundary side of the hash, as well as some of the most basic points of strategy and execution. In this article we’re going to do a 180 and take a look at bringing pressure from the field side. Directory 8.0


11. Oregon Football Analysis: The Blitz That Never Was
Text and GIF Analysis Published 8-25-2015
Think about this for a moment: the Ducks went to the 2014 National Championship with a first year defensive coordinator, first year linebacker coach, and a second year defensive line coach. Despite this youth among the coaching ranks, and despite being under-reported by national media sources, the Oregon defense excels at creating turnovers, which is clearly a point of emphasis by the defensive staff. Let’s examine how they do it. (Blitzes and Zone Blitzes on defense) Directory 8.0


12. Oregon’s Bend-But-Don’t-Break Defense: It WORKS
Text and GIF Analysis Published 9-01-2015
Many people don’t understand the reasoning behind utilizing the bend-but-don’t-break defense, and how it complements the Oregon offense. Let’s take a closer look at this defensive strategy against Florida State in the 2015 Rose Bowl through the eyes of’s new defensive consultant, former Oregon safety Ryan Mitchell. (Defensive philosophy and Game Planning) 

Patrick Chung ended up with the ball often.


13. Oregon Football Analysis: Is it A Blitz?
Text and Video Analysis Published 9-29-2015
Questions remain as to how the Duck defense will surprise opponents and this analysis looks at one way in which Oregon might do just that: with a well-timed blitz from the secondary. One play we may see is the safety (S) blitz, and although the safety blitz is rare in the Ducks’ scheme, though not quite as rare as the cornerback (CB) blitz. So how do we know when Oregon might be dialing up a little DB pressure? Directory 8.0


14. Analysis: UO Sack Monsters Mondeaux, Balducci, and Buckner
Text and Video Analysis Published 10-27-2015
Defensive line technique for sacking the QB, such as chop and swim moves.


15. Oregon’s Bizarre Radar-Psycho-Times Square Zone Blitz!
Video Analysis, Published 8-07-2012
The title sounds…wacko, yet you know I frequently like to save the best for last. This last Zone Blitz package IS really different…but it is highly successful and would be a delight to play in. Let’s be a Psycho and take a Radar look at the Times Square Zone Blitz!  Directory 8.0


–16.  Understanding Oregon’s “Two-fer” Defense
Text Analysis: July 25, 2017
Coach Eric Boles breaks down the 2-4-5 defense and how it is a good option for coaches.


–17.  Oregon (Jim Leavitt) Brings Back the “3-Duck-Chuck”
Text Analysis:  Aug 1, 2017
Charles Fischer gives examples of the use an eight man zone and where it can help a defense when mixed with Zone Blitzes.


–18.  X’s vs. O’s: It’s Blitz! Blitzing vs. Full Slide Pass Protection
Text Analysis:  Oct 25, 2017
Zach Pierson digs into the details of a Zone Blitz, and why it was successful.


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