Oregon Spread Offense: ZONE READING under Chip Kelly, Mark Helfrich, and Scott Frost

Marcus Mariota and Kenjon Barner.

Oregon Spread Offense: Zone Reading Analyses of Coaches Chip Kelly, Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost

(19 Analyses)

1. The Fish Report: New Wrinkles Against Nevada
Video and Text Analysis Published 9-13-2011
This video shows the variations of Zone Read Attack with the Bubble Threat by the wide receivers, but also from the running back going in motion helping the running game.


2.  The FishDuck Minute #14: Oregon’s Mid-Level Read
Video Analysis Published 6-19-2012
Oregon’s offense boils down to a series of constraint plays. One of those “counters” is the Mid-line, or Mid-Level read, where the QB reads an interior defender rather than a defensive end or linebacker. Examples from both the 2010 and 2011 seasons are included as FishDuck.com gives you an exclusive look at one of Oregon’s most dynamic running plays.


3.  Past Play Reappears: Oregon’s Mid-Line Zone Read!
Text and GIF Analysis Published 12-09-2014
Wonderful examples from the present and past of the Mid-line Zone Read play. (Oregon and Spread Offense playbook)

Marcus Mariota doing the mesh with Zone Reading.


4. A New Fish Report Video Analysis: The Inadvertent Mid-line Zone Read
Video Analysis Published 9-03-2013
We will follow the conference rules for video usage while breaking down a very strange play from our game with Nicholls.  We will also take a look at some new shining stars on offense that may have played under the radar of most observers.


5.  The Fish Report: QB Runs Answered & A New Play!
Video and Text Analysis Published 9-28-2011
An analysis of how Oregon did Zone Reading of three different positions in a game against Arizona including the Mid-line or as some call the Mid-Level Zone Read play.


6.  The Fish Report: The Great Spread Offense Laboratory
Video Analysis Published 10-19-2011
This is a loaded video analysis as we look at the three major components of the Zone Read play along with the new “Double-Pistol Triple Option” play, and finally we address a new variation in the Backfield formation


7.   The Fish Report: Rose Bowl Surprise Plays
Video Analysis Published 1-12-2012
We analyze two successful plays of the 2012 Rose Bowl Game, one of which has been viewed incorrectly by so many national analysts. We are fortunate at FishDuck.com to have a team who have built a progression of a knowledge base that makes understanding these plays easier. Chip fools us all again!

LaMicheal James and Darron Thomas


8.  Influencing the Defense in the Option Game
Text and Video Analysis Published 8-04-2015
FishDuck.com has some of the best analysis on the web that examines Oregon’s offense. Here we add to this library of knowledge with an analysis of how the Ducks incorporate small and easily-implemented wrinkles into their option game to influence the defense. These wrinkles are effective in pulling defenders out of position and creating space for Oregon ball carriers to chew up massive amounts of yardage.


9.  TAKE AND GIVE: Oregon’s Bubble Zone Read Philosophy
Text Analysis Published 6-25-2013
This is THE definitive analysis for understanding the Bubble Zone Read-a key component of the Oregon Offense.  For those who take the time to learn from this analysis, a massive number of questions will be answered in this keystone article.  


10.  Chip Kelly Slashes the Beavers Two Ways on One Play?
Text Analysis Published 12-04-2012
First we zone read the OLB, and OSU stopped the play for a short gain.  The next play we did an audible into zone reading the DE, and Mariota toasted him for a big gain.  Later, to stop the audible, MM, and the cross-buck blocking action, we saw OSU overcompensate to one side, and this opened up the blocking on the other side. Nasty game-plan kinks!


11.  Oregon’s In-Game Adjustment Skins Cats
Text Analysis Published 1-29-2013
Oregon has seen dozens of variations of defensive schemes meant to slow down their offense (like the Cover 0 defense, and Bear front) were more effective in longer stretches, and others were, simply put, less effective.  Those less effective schemes have included the scrape exchange and fake injuries and Kansas State added to the list by following a rule that is usually installed for elementary defense


12.  Marcus Mariota’s Advanced Stage of Zone Reading
Text and GIF Analysis Published 10-08-2013
The Advanced Stage of Zone Reading is a level that few quarterbacks rise to, as it has become evident to me that Marcus Mariota has crossed that threshold, and entered into a new strata.  He is now making Zone Reading decisions at the highest levels of which can only propel Oregon closer to another NC game.  


13.  Punch/Counterpunch: Analyzing the Oregon 2nd-Level Read
Text Analysis Published 5-18-2014
The second-level read is something that’s been slowly making its way into the mainstream of college football play-books around the country, and one of the biggest reasons is because the ability it gives offenses to play even more games with opponent linebackers.

Royce Freeman and Marcus Mariota.


14.  Oregon Football Analysis: Speed-Out Pass Combined With the Zone Read
Text and GIF Analysis Published 9-22-2015
In a previous analysis I discussed Oregon’s Run-Pass Combo. In this follow-up analysis, I will look at how the Ducks use the same strategy to attack defenses by focusing on a single player. Now instead of reading a backside defender to dictate where the ball will go in the running game, Oregon is reading the play side OLB to dictate a packaged run-pass option. Wow!


15. The FishDuck Report: Passing Game Reads…
Video Analysis Published 12-05-2011
We have learned how so much of the Oregon Spread is predicated upon what the defense gives us, and how we “read” defenders on almost every play. This Pac-12 Championship game gave us numerous examples of that and could be epitome of a complete “READ” game from Oregon and Darron Thomas.


16. The FishDuck Minute No. 4: Oregon QB Zone Read Essentials
Video Analysis Published 2-20-2012
How does Bryan Bennett run the Zone Read play so well? Let’s take a quick look at what makes this Quarterback so special with one of our foundation plays and examine the essential components of Zone Reading essentials. Directory 2.3


17. The FishDuck Minute #16: Combating the Scrape Exchange
Video Analysis Published 7-03-2012
In 2011, Southern Cal knew they had to change something up on defense against Oregon. Monte Kiffin’s game-plan included one of the most standard mechanisms to stop the Zone Read plays that teams like Oregon run called the “Scrape Exchange.” This video will go over how the scrape exchange works, and how Oregon uses a multitude of different constraint plays to combat the effective defensive scheme.


18.  New Oregon Strategies Reveal Old Secrets
Text and GIF Analysis Published 10-22-2013
Oregon breaks a tendency with the “Sweep Read” play, reveals a new profile at LB they are recruiting, and begins to Zone Read on the backside of which is different than before. 

Darron Thomas


19.  Royce Freeman Embraces Oregon’s Straddled Triple Option
Text and GIF Analysis Published 9-02-2014
An update on one of the base plays of the Oregon Spread Offense discussing the “read” for the QB, and the reading of blocks by the running back. A foundation article! 

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