Specifically for the Coaches–OFFENSE

Tony Brooks-James makes this look easy…

Specifically for the Coaches–OFFENSE

(30 Analyses)

1. Coach Chip Kelly Explains the Oregon Spread Offense
Text Analysis Published 4-02-2012
FishDuck.com received special permission from Coaches Choice to reprint this content for the benefit of fans to better understand the University of Oregon Ducks offense, and to show that FISHDUCK IS NOT GIVING AWAY OREGON’S SECRETS!!! This information is already available to the public. Directory 5.0


2. Coach Chip Kelly: “What We Stand For” (Pt. 1)
Text Analysis Published 4-12-2012
The following is part of the NIKE Coaches Clinic Presentation “EFFICIENT USE OF PRACTICE TIME given by Chip Kelly a year ago in spring of 2011 that was recorded and printed in the book, “2011 Coach of the Year Clinics Football Manual” by [D. Mark Robertson] the leading coaching education publisher, Coaches Choice and edited by Earl Browning. [D. Mark Robertson]  Directory 5.0


3. Coach Chip Kelly: “Efficient Use of Practice Time” (Pt. 2)
Text Analysis Published 4-20-2012
This is the second part of a presentation made to coaches by Chip Kelly about his philosophy and strategies with practice time. Directory 5.0

Chip Kelly after a win..


Video and Text Analysis Published: August 11, 2011
My friends, this is the most basic play in the Oregon Spread Offense, and the first instructional video I created in the summer of 2011.  We have the actual video, and below that is a text/screenshot explanation of one of most popular instructional football videos ever made.  A MUST for all fans and coaches…. Directory 5.0


5. The FishDuck Minute #6: PAC 12 Spread Analysis – Inside Run
Video Analysis Published 3-05-2012
If the PAC 12 wasn’t the most interesting conference in the country already, it is now. Off-season acquisitions and retooling left the PAC 12 with 4 of the nation’s most respected offensive gurus out there: Chip Kelly at Oregon, Noel Mazzone at UCLA, Mike Leach at WSU, and Rich Rodriguez at Arizona. All four coaches are distinctly different, attacking different parts of the defense with different looks and concepts, but all of them accomplish remarkably similar tasks.


6. The Coach’s Corner: Practice Is Sacred
Text Analysis Published 3-09-2012
A note from FishDuck.com: This Friday we have a unique treat, this article from a highly successful college coach will explain what goes into the making of a good football practice.  You may recognize some of the strategies from what we have seen at Oregon spring and fall practices in the past. This will provide an insider perspective into an area of football that fans rarely get to see up close or understand, what goes into preparation for a football team. Directory 5.0


7. The FishDuck Minute #7: PAC 12 Spread Analysis – Outside Run
Video Analysis Published 3-12-2012
The second part of my Pac-12 analysis looks at how several teams do their outside run, or their version of Outside Zone play.  (Don’t worry “Air-raiders,” Leach will make an appearance very soon) Directory 5.0


8.  Coach Chip Kelly: “Coaching the Spread Offense QB” (Pt. 3)
Text Analysis Published 4-27-2012
This is a very important analysis for understanding how Spread Offense QBs are to operate under the direction of Chip Kelly.  A must! Directory 5.0, 7.1

Coach Helfrich changed more than one thing since Chip Kelly….


9. The Coach’s Corner: Adjust, Adapt and Advance
Text Analysis Published 5-03-2012
A note from FishDuck.com: Today we have a unique treat, this article from a highly successful college coach explains how football coaches address off-season goals with their players. This will provide an insider perspective into an area of football that fans rarely get to see up close or understand, what goes into preparation for a football team when not on the field on game days. Directory 5.0


10. The Coach’s Corner: An Offensive “System”
Text Analysis Published 5-11-2012
A note from FishDuck.com: Today we have a unique treat, this article is from Coach Mike Morris, who coached at seven different high schools in Southern California for 30 years. Directory 4.0, 5.0


11. The Coach’s Corner: Following A Dream
Text Analysis Published 5-25-2012
Today we have a unique treat, this article is from Coach Mike Morris, who coached at seven different high schools in Southern California for 30 years. Directory 5.0


12. The Coach’s Corner: Universal Truths of Offensive Football
Text Analysis Published 6-08-2012
Today we have a unique treat, this article from a highly successful college coach gives an inside perspective football fans don’t get to see, the direct perspective of the coach. Directory 4.0, 5.0


13. The Coach’s Corner: From Huddle to No-Huddle to Championship
Text Analysis Published 6-15-2012
Coach Brian Flinn of Villanova explains the transition with the Wildcats and how the No-Huddle offense helped them win a National Championship. Directory 5.0

Scott Frost


14. PAC 12 Spread Laboratory: How Chip Kelly’s Offense Can Learn From Mike Leach’s “6” Route
Video and Text Analysis Published 6-21-2012
Josh Schlichter explains how the “6” route of the Air Raid offense and components of the Run-and-Shoot could be of help for any football offense. Directory 5.0


15.The Coach’s Corner: Football Is Still Football Regardless of Sex
Text Analysis Published 6-29-2012
Coach Farias explains how coaching women is still coaching football and what some of the coaching points remain for both genders. Directory 5.0


16. The Coach’s Corner: Utilizing New Power-O Innovations in the Spread Offense
Video and Text Analysis Published 7-6-2012
The Power-O, otherwise known as Power, Counter, Counter and GT, is a robust blocking scheme designed to overwhelm the point of attack while maintaining a simple yet aggressive way to defeat just about any defensive front. The best aspect of the Power-O is that it is robust, simple, and aggressive by nature. Directory 4.0, 5.0, 7.8


17. The Fish Report: Mike Leach’s Air Attack
Video Analysis Published 7-10-2012
This week, we’ll give you an in depth look at Mike Leach’s favorite concepts, techniques, and give you a tremendous primer to anticipate the return of the Air-Raid Offense, and the “Pirate” himself to College Football. Directory 5.0


18. The Coach’s Corner: Developing a Power-Running Attack From the Shotgun
Video and Text Analysis Published 7-13-2012
Coach Brian Flinn of Villanova tells the story of how controlling the A-Gap is crucial to all offenses and can be achieved out of the Shotgun formation. Directory  7.8

Ducks will be back to doing this again…


19. The Coach’s Corner: Inside The Mind Of An Offensive Coordinator
Video and Text Analysis Published 7-20-2012
Coach Donnie Mays discusses speeding up the tempo and play-calling and game planning from the perspective of an Offensive Coordinator. (West Virginia State Championship Team) Directory 5.0


20. The Coach’s Corner: The Law Of Details
Text Analysis Published 8-03-2012
The legendary Coach Tony DeMeo breaks down the details that are the difference between winning and losing on the football field. Directory 5.0


21. The Coach’s Corner: 5 Tips for Coaches During Two-a-Days
Text Analysis Published 8-10-2012
Coach Peterson explains the five parts to helping get your team through the rigors of fall camp. Directory 5.0


22. Will The Chip Kelly Offense Revolutionize British Football?
Text Analysis Published 12-12-2012
This is simply interesting from a coach halfway across the world…. Directory 5.0


23. Different League, Same Package: How the Oregon Offense Ran Through the NFL in 2013
Text and GIF Analysis Published 1-14-2014
An analysis comparing plays of the Eagles and the Ducks; Oregon and Spread Offense playbook… 

Darron Thomas


24. Oregon Receivers Are the Key to Ducks’ Explosive Run Game
Text and GIF Analysis Published 4-22-2014
Perimeter Blocking is the Key to Long Gains in the Run Game, and the following analysis of perimeter blocking by the Duck receiving corps indicates that Helfrich has been able to imprint the importance of perimeter blocking for team success.  Let’s take a look at how this correlates to game-day execution and facilitates the number of explosion plays for Oregon in the run game.


25. 3 Ways Oregon Makes Sure the Defense is Always Wrong
Text Analysis Published 7-13-2014
Once you’ve learned the differences between the inside zone and the outside zone and you’re able to recognize the same base plays that an offense has in its arsenal, the next step on your way to understanding football is learning why they run them. Let’s look at three universal truths in attacking a defense… Directory 5.0


26. Three Elements of Success in College Football That Nobody Talks About
Text Analysis Published 9-27-2014
Fascinating elements for both the fan and coaches to ponder about success on the football field. 


27. How Brady Hoke Got Mark Helfrich FIRED
Text Analysis: Published on 11-29-2016
Charles Fischer outlines how poor discipline by a defense leads to defeat at the hands of a rival and how coaching is the primary component of that poor defensive performance.  Technique alone does not win…


–28.  Coach’s Opinion: How to Best Utilize your QUARTERBACK
Text Analysis:  Aug 31, 2017
Coach Tony DeMeo offers advice for coaches in what components to consider when putting the quarterback in the best position to help your team win.  On offense for coaches.


–29.  Coach’s Opinion: “How BIG should the PLAYBOOK be?”
Text Analysis: Aug 25, 2017
Coach Tony DeMeo has a priceless list given about designing an offense and what to take into account. On offense for coaches.

–30. Beating USC: The Script That Flipped the Pac-12
Text and Video Analysis/article: Published October 15, 2020
Coach Jeremy Mosier explains the game plan that any coach or fan could learn from.


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