OFFENSIVE STRATEGIES under Chip Kelly, Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost

Bryon Marshall scores against the Beavers.

OFFENSIVE STRATEGIES under Chip Kelly, Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost

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1. Chip Kelly’s New Universal Formation
Video and Text Analysis Published 4-16-2012
Much of the important basic elements of the unique Oregon Spread Offense have yet to be covered in detail, and this is the first of many new Tutorials on both the offense and defense. Directory 4.0


2. Influencing the Defense in the Option Game
Text and Video Analysis Published 8-04-2015 has some of the best analysis on the web that examines Oregon’s offense. Here we add to this library of knowledge with an analysis of how the Ducks incorporate small and easily-implemented wrinkles into their option game to influence the defense. These wrinkles are effective in pulling defenders out of position and creating space for Oregon ball carriers to chew up massive amounts of yardage as well as opening passing lanes. Directory 4.0


3. Oregon Football Analysis: The Lethal Run-Pass Combination
Text and Video Analysis Published 7-07-2015
The success of the Oregon Ducks is heavily dependent on these concepts: unpredictable running plays within a series, taking advantage of weaknesses in the defensive scheme or a specific defender, and using multiple formations in order to execute any play in the playbook on demand. The use of the Run-Pass Combination enables the Ducks to easily disguise the intent of a specific play. (Oregon and Spread Offense playbook and Game Planning) Directory 4.0

Chip Kelly with Scott Frost in background.


4. How Oregon Uses Constraint Plays to Stay One Step Ahead of the Defense
Text and GIF Analysis Published 6-09-2015
Analysts love to dissect Oregon’s many packaged schemes and option runs, offensive plays designed to take advantage of whatever the defense throws at them, with an answer for just about anything and everything. There is, however, another part of any offense that is just as crucial, sometimes referred to as constraint plays. Constraint plays force a defense to hesitate, to think a little bit longer about what it is they think they’re seeing, and punishes them for laziness and being unprepared.Directory 4.0

5. More Than Window Dressing: Why Oregon Uses Motion
Text and GIF Analysis Published 1-06-2015
Some great examples for the fan and coach to see the benefits of putting a man in motion on offense.  Good for the Oregon and Spread Offense playbook. Directory 4.0


6. An Analysis of Cal’s High-Flying ‘Bear Raid’ Offense
Text and GIF Analysis Published 10-23-2014
An Analysis of favorite plays of the “Bear Raid” offense of Cal. Directory 4.0


7.Learning More Football: Gaps and Techniques
Text Analysis Published 10-18-2016
A simple article about the locations of “techniques” on defense, and “Gaps” on offense.


8. 3 Ways Oregon Makes Sure the Defense is Always Wrong
Text Analysis Published 7-13-2014
Once you’ve learned the differences between the inside zone and the outside zone and you’re able to recognize the same base plays that an offense has in its arsenal, the next step on your way to understanding football is learning why they run them. Let’s look at three universal truths in attacking a defense… Directory 4.0, 5.0

Coach Helfrich


9. Exploring Tight End Principles That Boost the Ducks’ Running Game
Text and GIF Analysis Published 6-17-2014
Without getting too nit-picky about the “spread offense” phrasing, I’d like to bust one myth; they use a tight end. As an Oregon fan, you probably realize that, however, I bet you didn’t realize how much success comes from adding the tight end. Let’s look at strategies with the Tight End to boost offensive production from the Spread Offense… (Oregon and Spread Offense playbook) Directory 4.0, 7.7


10. Three Reasons Why Chip Kelly’s Offense is Not a Fad
Text Analysis Published 2-23-2014
One of the most common generalizations of Chip Kelly’s offense is that it’s a fad.  Even smart, seasoned NFL coaches have made the mistake of dealing in platitudes and generalizations when discussing Kelly’s offense with those in the media.(Oregon Playbook, and Spread Offense playbook) Directory 4.0


11. Chip Kelly’s Surprise “Throwback” Fiesta Bowl Strategy
Text Analysis Published 1-07-2013
A major component of what makes Chip Kelly so successful is not just how he coaches the spread offense and runs a rapid “no-huddle” tempo, but also how he brings something new to nearly every game he coaches.If an NFL fan wants to know how Chip wins — then this is an analysis to study.  Directory 4.0


12. The Coach’s Corner: Combining Concepts
Text Analysis Published 8-24-2012
What if an offense could choose a play that, if executed properly, was always correct no matter the defense’s actions? Pulling together concepts is what this coach has done with great success… Directory 4.0,


13. The Coach’s Corner: Developing a Power-Running Attack From the Shotgun
Video and Text Analysis Published 7-13-2012
Coach Brian Flinn of Villanova tells the story of how controlling the A-Gap is crucial to all offenses and can be achieved out of the Shotgun formation. Directory 4.0, 5.0, 7.8

Scott Frost warming up the receivers…


14. The Fish Report: Mike Leach’s Air Attack
Video Analysis Published 7-10-2012
This week, we’ll give you an in depth look at Mike Leach’s favorite concepts, techniques, and give you a tremendous primer to anticipate the return of the Air-Raid Offense, and the “Pirate” himself to College Football. Directory 4.0, 5.0


15. The Coach’s Corner: Utilizing New Power-O Innovations in the Spread Offense
Video and Text Analysis Published 7-6-2012
The Power-O, otherwise known as Power, Counter, Counter and GT, is a robust blocking scheme designed to overwhelm the point of attack while maintaining a simple yet aggressive way to defeat just about any defensive front. The best aspect of the Power-O is that it is robust, simple, and aggressive by nature. Directory 4.0, 5.0, 7.8


16. The FishDuck Minute #16: Combating the Scrape Exchange
Video Analysis Published 7-03-2012
In 2011, Southern Cal knew they had to change something up on defense against Oregon. Monte Kiffin’s game-plan included one of the most standard mechanisms to stop the Zone Read plays that teams like Oregon run called the “Scrape Exchange.” This video will go over how the scrape exchange works, and how Oregon uses a multitude of different constraint plays to combat the effective defensive scheme. Directory 4.0


17. The FishDuck Minute #15: Staying a Step Ahead of the Rest
Video Analysis Published 6-26-2012
Oregon’s match-up with Southern Cal in 2010 was hyped up to be the Trojan’s return to the nation’s elite. The game did not disappoint, as Oregon traded blows with the Trojans until late in the second half. In this FishDuck minute, we’d like to show some great examples of constraint plays used by Coach Kelly in the 2010 USC-Oregon game, and showcase some in game adjustments made by the Duck offense.


18. The Coach’s Corner: Universal Truths of Offensive Football
Text Analysis Published 6-08-2012
Today we have a unique treat, this article from a highly successful college coach gives an inside perspective football fans don’t get to see, the direct perspective of the coach. Directory 4.0, 5.0

Few QBs have had the speed of Mariota in the NFL.


19. The Best Darn Oregon Spring Football Analysis
Video Analysis Published 5-14-2012
We look at attacking a Cover 2 and Cover 3 Defense along with special highlight plays and techniques. It may have been an audacious title, but we think we can offer some insights that others have not. If it isn’t the best video analysis you’ll see, it’ll be in your top three. Directory 4.0, 13.4


20. The Coach’s Corner: An Offensive “System”
Text Analysis Published 5-11-2012
A note from Today we have a unique treat, this article is from Coach Mike Morris, who coached at seven different high schools in Southern California for 30 years. Directory 4.0, 5.0


21. The Fish Report: How Chip Kelly defeats the “Cover Zero” Defense
Video Analysis Published 10-10-2011
This is an important analysis for showing how Oregon and Chip Kelly defeat one of the most used defensive strategies against the Zone Read play in the Spread Offense. 


–22.  Blasphemy! Coach Helfrich Is NOT Running the Chip Kelly Offense?!
Text Analysis: Aug 16, 2016
Charles Fischer explains how the Oregon Spread Offense has progressed after the departure of Chip Kelly under Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost.


–23. Different League, Same Package: How the Oregon Offense Ran Through the NFL in 2013-January 21, 2014
Text and GIF Analysis: 
January 21, 2014
Coach Brian Flinn of Villanova explains many of the plays used in the NFL by Chip Kelly and their updated application to Oregon plays.


–24. The Spread Offense: The Oregon, Urban Meyer Connection
Text and Video Analysis :
January 4, 2015
Noah Smith looks the similarities now of the Ohio State and Oregon offense…


–25.  The Coach’s Corner: Combining Concepts
Text Analysis: 
August 24, 2012
Coach Jason Farias explains how coaches can attacks defenses multiple ways for more scoring

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