Gary Breedlove

DeForest Buckner closes in on a sack.


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1. The Ingredients of an Oregon Defensive Masterpiece
Text Analysis Published 9-25-2012
This analysis delves into the superb two-gap technique displayed by Oregon defensive linemen in their 3-4 defense. Directory 13.8


2. Oregon’s Superior Defensive Techniques School the Bruins
Text and GIF Analysis Published 10-29-2013
At, we have not touched on the specific methods used by our defensive line to capture those tackle-for-losses, or exhilarating QB sacks — until now.  Let’s take a look at the techniques that turned the game for the Ducks and against the Bruins – and learn how to spot them in the future! (Swim and Rip Moves!) Directory 13.8

John Giustina

Haloti Ngata


3. Taylor Hart: From Duck to Eagle
Text and GIF Analysis 6-06-2014
A good analysis for looking at one and two-gapping by the defensive linemen.


4. DeForest Buckner: A New All-American Emerging?
Text and GIF Analysis Published 7-08-2014
A good primer on defensive line technique of breaking a double team and utilizing other techniques. Directory 13.8, 13.13


5. Winning the Trenches: The Key to the Oregon Ducks and Philadelphia Eagles’ 3-4 Defenses
Text Analysis Published 9-19-2014
A breakdown of blitzes, stunts, and one or two gapping in the 3-4 defense.


6. Oregon Defensive Line Secrets: Stopping the Run
Text and GIF Analysis Published 12-16-2014
This is an ideal article to show Two-Gapping technique for a 3-4 defense and review of “gap control.” Great primer for defensive linemen and demonstrating the SODA process. 

John Giustina

Marcus Woods does the “Belly Bop” on Ty Detmer for a safety!


7. Scouting a Duck: What Should NFL Scouts Think of Arik Armstead?
Text and GIF Analysis Published 3-04-2015
This analysis is super for defensive line technique both good and bad; a great primer for fans, coaches and high school players to learn from. Directory 13.8, 13.13


8. A Tale of Two Games…and Two Offensive Lines
Text and GIF Analysis Published 3-24-2015
A Coach looks at two games of Oregon and Arizona and pulls tremendous analysis of both defensive and offensive line-play. Both sides of LOS should check this out. Directory 13.8


9. Analysis: UO Sack Monsters Mondeaux, Balducci, and Buckner
Text and Video Analysis Published 10-27-2015
Defensive line technique for sacking the QB, such as chop and swim moves.


-10. What Went Wrong: Defensive Tackle Leverage in the 4-3 Defense
Text Analysis:  Published on 10-04-2016
Charles Fischer and Coach Mike Morris give a primer on Defensive Tackle technique examining the leverage component and looking at how not to do it.


–11.  Oregon’s New Edge on Defense
Text Analysis: June 20, 2017
Coach Ruskin Fiegenbaum breaks down technique for an edge defender guarding the perimeter, of which is essential for every defense.


–12. Scheme Adds Extra Player in Run Defense
Text Analysis: July 18, 2017
Coach Ruskin Fiegenbaum explains the problem with an over-aggressive one gap defense, and how to solve while effectively picking up an extra defender to block.


–13.  Scouting a Duck: What Should NFL Scouts Think of Arik Armstead?
Text and GIF Analysis: 
March 4, 2015
Joe Kearns shows the technique for defensive line in the 3-4 and for the defensive end.


–14. Taylor Hart: From Duck to Eagle
Text and GIF Analysis: 
June 6, 2014
Joe Kearns demonstrates the techniques of a 3-4 defensive end through a favorite Duck player who made us all proud.


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