Oregon’s Spread Offense: PASSING GAME under Chip Kelly, Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost

Marcus Mariota

Oregon’s Spread Offense: Passing Game under Chip Kelly, Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost

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1.  TAKE AND GIVE: Oregon’s Bubble Zone Read Philosophy
Text Analysis Published 6-25-2013
This is THE definitive analysis for understanding the Bubble Zone Read-a key component of the Oregon Offense.  For those who take the time to learn from this analysis, a massive number of questions will be answered in this keystone article.  


2.   Spring Football Analysis II and the “Scat” Play
Video Analysis Published 5-22-2012
Charles “FishDuck” Fischer and Josh Schlichter continue their video analysis of the Oregon Spring Game and break down a trusty West Coast-Spread Offense passing play of Oregon that college and pro teams use often. This video is an example of how we are taking steps forward of looking closely at Oregon’s passing game and defensive techniques, as we progress beyond just the Ducks running game.


3. Oregon’s Innovative “Cross-Buck” and “Tiny TE” Passing Strategies
Text Analysis Published 11-13-2012
Chip pulls out a few more twists in his game plan for Cal that again–is innovative.

Darron Thomas moving the Ducks against Auburn


4. Oregon defeats UCLA with the Bair-Down Strategy
Text and GIF Analysis Published 10-14-2014
A screen pass opposite an unbalanced line is featured along with the blocking on a “Sweep Read” play.


5. Oregon Football Analysis: The “Fast Screen” Going “Fast Pace”
Text, GIF, and Video Analysis Published 6-23-2015
The High Powered offense of the Ducks is predicated on many different facets, one of which is taking the easiest means necessary to move the football. At any point in the game, this Fast Screen can take flight. The Ducks want a high percentage play that will get yards and keep the defense guessing, and while the Fast Screen is not a new concept, it has become a staple of the Ducks offense. When the Oregon coaching staff discuss on their headsets what plays to call next, there will always be a coach looking to call the Fast Screen.


6.  Oregon Football Analysis: The Lethal Run-Pass Combination
Text and Video Analysis Published 7-07-2015
The success of the Oregon Ducks is heavily dependent on these concepts: unpredictable running plays within a series, taking advantage of weaknesses in the defensive scheme or a specific defender, and using multiple formations in order to execute any play in the playbook on demand. The use of the Run-Pass Combination enables the Ducks to easily disguise the intent of a specific play.


7. The FishDuck Minute #10: PAC 12 Spread Analysis – Short Pass
Video Analysis Published 4-02-2012
Part 3 of the PAC 12 Spread Analysis, this time, we’re going to cover the short passing concepts. We’ll go over the different uses of the concept, and the different concepts coupled with the short passing strategy.


8. FishDuck Minute #12: Oregon’s Deadly TD Pass Play
Video Analysis Published 4-23-2012
If there has been one play that has provided better results and more unforgettable moments in the past few years it has been the perfectly placed pass to the back of the end zone. Chip Kelly’s go-to plays have always been on the ground, but when he needs some points in crunch time, he pulls out one of these two plays…

Mariota surveys the Seminole defense.


9. PAC 12 Spread Laboratory: How Chip Kelly’s Offense Can Learn From Mike Leach’s “6” Route
Video and Text Analysis Published 6-21-2012
Josh Schlichter explains how the “6” route of the Air Raid offense and components of the Run-and-Shoot could be of help for any football offense.


10.  Paralysis By Analysis:  The Running Game’s Impact on the Passing Game
Text Analysis Published 5-21-2013
Have you ever wondered why Oregon’s offense is so successful?  There are a multitude of reasons, but one that we are going to look at today is how the running and passing game form such a wonderful marriage. Coach Moore looks how the play-action packages fit into the Oregon passing game.


11. Ducks Add the Long Ball: The Power of the Bubble Zone Read!
Text Analysis Published 7-16-2013
Oregon offense digital film unveiled a passing scheme that generated 35 touchdowns through the air in 2012, often in “explosive” (20 yards or more) fashion. This week’s article will demonstrate how the Oregon offense simply and effectively ties in the Inside Zone Read and the Bubble Zone Read to create big plays down the field. Another MUST for serious fans and coaches!


Text Analysis Published 8-13-2013
This analysis of the Ducks passing game shows elements of the Air Raid in both passing concepts and overall philosophy. This article breaks down the classic Air Raid “Cross” (or Y-Cross) concept that the Ducks have used in their passing game with great success.


13.  Video Analysis: Oregon’s New Aerial Attack
Video and Text Analysis Published 9-17-2013
The Ducks are known for a powerful running game that, due to execution, is difficult to stop — even when you know what is coming.  However, the challenges of beating the elite teams of college football are in overcoming a defense manned by elite athletes who CAN defeat blocks and slow the Oregon running game.  They will force Oregon to beat them with the passing attack, and let’s look at how that will happen.


14.  Learning from Oregon’s Civil War Passing Attack
Text and GIF Analysis Published 12-03-2013
We have some special insight from the receivers coach of Villanova University, Brian Flinn, as he is helping us look at some pass plays Oregon ran, and this gives us an opportunity to learn a little about the defensive coverages we’ll see from Oregon opponents as well.  We have a unique treat in a final example of a touchdown play — from the perspective of how Josh Huff gains separation, gets open, and scores!

Darron Thomas


15.  Timing, Rhythm and Deception: The Oregon Passing Game in the NFL
Text and GIF Analysis Published 3-18-2014
Critics have countered the Eagles success through the air by claiming Kelly made “drastic changes” to his Oregon passing game.  The film tells a different story. Kelly utilized many of the same formations and schemes he used during his stints at both Oregon and New Hampshire.  The simplicity some saw as a handicap functioned as an advantage because great passing teams utilize only a small number of base concepts. This allows their players to understand exactly when and where they need to be on the field.  Playing fast is not just something Kelly preaches before the ball is snapped.  It’s also about understanding and executing the offense once the play begins.


16.  Post Up: Oregon’s Winning Red Zone Pass Play
Text and GIF Analysis Published 7-29-2014
About a month ago, Sheil Kapadia, (Sheil is an Philly Eagles beat reporter) and I were discussing the Eagles’ Red Zone offense and their favorite pass plays in that area. Our conversation and the excellent article that followed, Double Posts in the Red Zone, centered around a classic Oregon pass play: the Double Post. This article will analyze two different Double Post calls vs Utah last season. Much like their former head coach, Oregon combined a little play-action with  a lot of execution to finish drives with PATs rather than field goals.


17.  Oregon Football Analysis: Speed-Out Pass Combined With the Zone Read
Text and GIF Analysis Published 9-22-2015
In a previous analysis I discussed Oregon’s Run-Pass Combo. In this follow-up analysis, I will look at how the Ducks use the same strategy to attack defenses by focusing on a single player. Now instead of reading a backside defender to dictate where the ball will go in the running game, Oregon is reading the play side OLB to dictate a packaged run-pass option. Wow!

Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota’s participation in the 2015 NFL scouting combine is still undetermined.


18. The Fish Report: Winning Strategies against Stanford
Video Analysis Published 11-14-2011
We knew that Coach Kelly would pull something new out for this game, and he didn’t disappoint, as we study a new offensive strategy and examine the background components that bring about a passing attack touchdown play.


19.  The FishDuck Report: Passing Game Reads…
Video Analysis Published 12-05-2011
We have learned how so much of the Oregon Spread is predicated upon what the defense gives us, and how we “read” defenders on almost every play. This Pac-12 Championship game gave us numerous examples of that and could be epitome of a complete “READ” game from Oregon and Darron Thomas


20.  Influencing the Defense in the Option Game
Text and Video Analysis Published 8-04-2015
FishDuck.com has some of the best analysis on the web that examines Oregon’s offense. Here we add to this library of knowledge with an analysis of how the Ducks incorporate small and easily-implemented wrinkles into their option game to influence the defense. These wrinkles are effective in pulling defenders out of position and creating space for Oregon ball carriers to chew up massive amounts of yardage as well as opening passing lanes


21.  Oregon Football Analysis: Utilizing the Stick Concept in the Quick Passing Game
Text and GIF Analysis Published 7-28-2015
The quick passing game is a staple of the Oregon Duck offense, as its high percentage of success creates problems for opposing defenses. While the Ducks can attack a defense in many ways on any given down, they will often utilize the Stick concept in the short passing game for a much needed first down. This concept has been used by multiple college and professional football teams due to its proven results. Let’s take a look at how our beloved Ducks create their own success with this type of play calling. (Oregon Spread Offense playbook and Game-Planning) Directory 2.2


22.  How Oregon Destroyed the Blitz with the “Rub-Cross” Strategy
Text Analysis: Published on 11-01-2016
Charles Fischer describes a pass play by Oregon that stops a blitz in its tracks.


–23.  The Dawn of the Second Coming: The Oklahomafication of Chip Kelly’s Offense
Text Analysis: July 2, 2015
Joe Kearns breaks down the progression of the Spread Offense at Oregon, Oklahoma, and the NFL. Tons of topics covered such as the Inside Zone Read, Outside Zone Read and Power plays in the running game, which includes explanations for OL blocking and running back techniques. Components in the passing game covered include the Stick, Mesh, Snag and four Verticals to create a primer for all to learn from.


–24. Blasphemy! Coach Helfrich Is NOT Running the Chip Kelly Offense?!
Text Analysis: Aug 16, 2016
Charles Fischer explains how the Oregon Spread Offense has progressed after the departure of Chip Kelly under Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost.


–25.  A Tale of Two Chip Kelly Quarterbacks: An Analysis of Bryan Bennett and Marcus Mariota
Text and GIF Analysis: 
April 29, 2015
Joe Kearns breaks down the attributes and skills of Marcus Mariota and Bryan Bennett and how it can help coaches teach their quarterbacks.


–26.  Lane Johnson: Chip Kelly’s Secret Weapon in Space?
Text and GIF Analysis: 
August 8, 2014
Joe Kearns shares superb offensive tackle techniques, but also some interesting plays to use in the Spread Offense…


–27.  A Real Pain in the Pass
Text Analysis: 
July 9, 2013
Coach Todd Moore explains the fine points of pass protection by the offensive line.

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