Oregon Spread Offense: GAME PLANNING under Chip Kelly, Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost

Chip Kelly Sideline

Oregon Spread Offense: GAME PLANNING under Chip Kelly, Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost

(31 Analyses)

1.  The Fish Report: Rose Bowl Game Plan #1
Video Analysis Published 12-27-2011
In this video we’re going to have some fun looking back at some plays and formations to try to figure out what Chip Kelly might throw at Wisconsin.  We’ll look at game footage and determine a “FishDuck Probability” of seeing that play, formation, or strategy in the Rose Bowl Game Plan.


2. The Fish Report: Rose Bowl Game Plan #2
Video Analysis Published 12-29-2011
This is the second part of looking back at plays, formations, and strategies to give my best FishDuck probability percentages as to what we will see as a Rose Bowl game plan. It’s entertaining to look at footage, ponder the possibilities, and see if we can do any better guessing what Chip is up to than the Wisconsin coaches.


3.  The Fish Report: Rose Bowl Surprise Plays
Video Analysis Published 1-12-2012
We analyze two successful plays of the 2012 Rose Bowl Game, one of which has been viewed incorrectly by so many national analysts. We are fortunate at FishDuck.com to have a team who have built a progression of a knowledge base that makes understanding these plays easier. Chip fools us all again!

Chip Kelly


4. Is Oregon Adding a Tight End Twist?
Text Analysis Published 3-05-2013
This new “twist” of using the TE this way opened up a progression of opportunities for the Oregon offense. It was a classic example of Oregon creating a series of weaknesses in the defense and capitalizing upon it with a new look.  It is a variation, a wrinkle that I hope to see more often this next year as it utilizes our strength at Tight End!


5.  Oregon Football Analysis: The Lethal Run-Pass Combination
Text and Video Analysis Published 7-07-2015
The success of the Oregon Ducks is heavily dependent on these concepts: unpredictable running plays within a series, taking advantage of weaknesses in the defensive scheme or a specific defender, and using multiple formations in order to execute any play in the playbook on demand. The use of the Run-Pass Combination enables the Ducks to easily disguise the intent of a specific play.


6.  Oregon’s New “Loaded Option” is Surprising Opponents
Text and GIF Analysis Published 11-25-2014
We have looked at three methods of how Oregon has implemented its own version of the “Loaded Option” to determine when it wishes to have predetermined QB running plays. The name is a misnomer as in reality it is not an option at all, but it is another variation within the Oregon offense for defenses to try to stop. During the days of the wishbone this strategy was so effective that QBs became the leading rushers on their teams!


7.  The Fish Report: Winning Strategies against Stanford
Video Analysis Published 11-14-2011
We knew that Coach Kelly would pull something new out for this game, and he didn’t disappoint, as we study a new offensive strategy and examine the background components that bring about a passing attack touchdown play.


8.  Josh’s Video Analysis: Chip’s Rose Bowl Play Calling Part 1
Video Analysis Published 1-17-2012
Today, we’ll be taking a look at part one of a two part series on Chip Kelly’s masterful playcalling in the 2012 Rose Bowl game. We’ll cover two key drives in depth in the first half, breaking down each play in those drives. As always he gives us superb items to ponder… 

Scott Frost can still throw the ball…


9.  The Fish Report: Chip’s Final Rose Bowl Surprises
Video Analysis Published 1-12-2012
As I was digging around to find more material to cover I found definite patterns in Chip’s play calling, and even a brand new wrinkle that may have never been used before. All that, and more in this week’s video. Enjoy!


10.  The Best Darn Oregon Spring Football Analysis
Video Analysis Published 5-14-2012
We look at attacking a Cover 2 and Cover 3 Defense along with special highlight plays and techniques. It may have been an audacious title, but we think we can offer some insights that others have not. If it isn’t the best video analysis you’ll see, it’ll be in your top three.


11.  How Chip Kelly Game Plans for Opponents
Video Analysis Published 5-29-2012
We have a special video for you today as we look at how Chip Kelly Game Plans for his opponents. I’ve noticed some patterns over the years, so sit back and see if you agree with my conclusions.


12. How Chip Kelly Game Plans for Opponents II  (Introducing Surprise)
Video Analysis Published 6-05-2012
This is the second in a series of videos delving into the ingenious game plans of Coach Kelly, and introduces the element of surprise in a manner that only this Spread Offense Leader can produce. His game planning has been a fascinating study, and one that I’ve been “chipping away at” for months while working on other videos and projects. If you love to learn more about Oregon football, then we hope you’ll sit down with a cold one or a hot cup of Java to savor it, and so much more of our beloved Ducks.


13.  Chip Kelly Game Plans of 2011  (Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!)
Video Analysis Published 6-12-2012
We outlined game plan strategies that Oregon’s Coach Chip Kelly sprung on the Pac-12 in 2010 in the last two videos. Now we relish looking at what the Wizard created in Game Plans this last season of 2011, and the theme is heavy on “Surprise.”


14.  The Coach’s Corner: Inside The Mind Of An Offensive Coordinator
Video and Text Analysis Published 7-20-2012
Coach Donnie Mays discusses speeding up the tempo and play-calling and game planning from the perspective of an Offensive Coordinator. (West Virginia State Championship Team)

Marcus Mariota


15.  The Coach’s Corner: Combining Concepts
Text Analysis Published 8-24-2012
What if an offense could choose a play that, if executed properly, was always correct no matter the defense’s actions? Pulling together concepts is what this coach has done with great success…


16. Chip’s Winning Game Plan Against USC
Text Analysis Published 11-06-2012
We believe that a major factor in this game’s victory was the unique game plan assembled by Chip Kelly, and because it was so vast we cannot cover it all in one report.  We will study the biggest undetected aspect first, and then savor the rest in upcoming analysis articles!


17.  Chip Kelly Wins “Cat-&-Mouse” Game with OSU
Text Analysis Published 11-27-2012
Another fascinating game plan explained by a former Defensive Coordinator in the Pac-12, and again some new surprises.


18.  Chip Kelly Slashes the Beavers Two Ways on One Play?
Text Analysis Published 12-04-2012
First we zone read the OLB, and OSU stopped the play for a short gain.  The next play we then audible into zone reading the DE, and Mariota toasted him for a big gain.  Later, to stop the audible, MM, and the cross-buck blocking action, we saw OSU overcompensate to one side, and this opened up the blocking on the other side. Nasty game-plan kinks!


19. Chip Kelly’s Surprise “Throwback” Fiesta Bowl Strategy
Text Analysis Published 1-07-2013
A major component of what makes Chip Kelly so successful is not just how he coaches the spread offense and runs a rapid “no-huddle” tempo, but also how he brings something new to nearly every game he coaches.If an NFL fan wants to know how Chip wins — then this is an analysis to study.

De’Anthony Thomas


20.  Oregon’s In-Game Adjustment Skins Cats
Text Analysis Published 1-29-2013
Oregon has seen dozens of variations of defensive schemes meant to slow down their offense (like the Cover 0 defense, and Bear front) were more effective in longer stretches, and others were, simply put, less effective.  Those less effective schemes have included the scrape exchange and fake injuries and Kansas State added to the list by following a rule that is usually installed for elementary defenses.


21.  How Oregon Stuffed “Optimus” Klein and the Kansas State Option Attack
Text Analysis Published 2-05-2013
QB Klein added value to K-State as a good power rusher, but his real threat to opponents was finding gaps in defenses via K-State’s dynamic option attack.  The Ducks knew this, and wrote up a dandy of a game plan to attack it. And what did they do? In short, the Ducks took control of the decisions Klein wanted to make, and took the “option” out of Collin Klein’s option game.


22.  Oregon Ran Sucker Plays on USC?
Text Analysis Published 5-28-2013
That is a bit provocative of a title, but what if it was true? Did Oregon hammer USC so badly with the running game in the past that it set up Southern Cal for their own Trojan horses? (It WAS true…) (Power Play)


23. The Fish Report: How Chip Kelly defeats the “Cover Zero” Defense
Video Analysis Published 10-10-2011
This is an important analysis for showing how Oregon and Chip Kelly defeat one of the most used defensive strategies against the Zone Read play in the Spread Offense. Directory 3.0, 4.0


23. The Trojan Game Plan and How Oregon will Beat USC in 2012
Video Analysis Published 8-21-2012
This video is unusual as it breaks down the Trojan game plan used to defeat Oregon in 2011, and suggests what could happen in 2012. (It WAS a barn-burner)

Bryon Marshall


24. The Oregon Game Plans: Kelly or Helfrich?
Text Analysis Published 3-26-2013
I have detailed the unique attacks that Oregon has unleashed on other teams in the past, and the question is how much was Coach Helfrich involved in the design of those game plans? Let’s look at some examples from the Fiesta Bowl that will help us arrive at some conclusions… Directory 3.0


25. Game Plans of the Oregon Spread Offense: Helfrich versus Kelly
Text and GIF Analysis Published 11-18-2014
The transition from Chip Kelly to Mark Helfrich has been fascinating to observe in many areas, but now we can begin to compare their game plans, since Helf’ has now been heading Oregon for nearly two years. What is clear to me is how the Helfrich/Frost staff has retained the components of the game planning of the original staff. Directory 3.0


26. How Oregon uses Blitz Keys to Sniff Out Pressure
Text and GIF Analysis Published 4-09-2015
What if it were possible to detect with nearly 100% certainty whether or not the defense is bringing pressure before the ball is snapped? How exactly would you find something like that out? The answer is simple, yet complicated at the same time. You would just need to find what’s called a “blitz key.” In this post we’re going to take a closer look at two plays from the National Championship where Oregon was able to detect an Ohio State blitz and respond in a positive way both times.


–27. Blasphemy! Coach Helfrich Is NOT Running the Chip Kelly Offense?!
Text Analysis: Aug 16, 2016
Charles Fischer explains how the Oregon Spread Offense has progressed after the departure of Chip Kelly under Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost.


–28.  Chip Kelly’s Fiesta Bowl Game Plan
Text Analysis: 
January 1, 2013
Josh Schlichter considers how Chip Kelly will game plan for a BCS Bowl game that Oregon ultimately won.


–29.  Chip Kelly, Brad Smith and the Wildcat
Text and GIF Analysis: 
July 11, 2014
Joe Kearns shows coaches and fans how a “Wildcat” play can mix things up and keep teams off-guard with some variations thrown in.


–30.  The Fish Report: Chip’s Final Rose Bowl Surprises
Video Analysis: 
January 25, 2012
Josh Schlichter finds some new game planning components that helped to win the Rose Bowl.


–31.  The Fish Report: Rose Bowl Surprise Plays
Video Analysis: 
January 8, 2012
Charles Fischer pulls out the surprises that Chip Kelly unleashed on Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.

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