We Love to Hate the HUSKIES

LaMichael James leaves the Huskies behind…

We Love to Hate the HUSKIES

(You will have great fun learning and laughing at the Huskies; Go Fish-Get Hooked!)

(22 Articles)

–1.  Husky GameDay Thread: The Men of Washington are NOT Championship Grade
Text Article:
Published November 6, 2021
Charles Fischer offers an update to the facts of both athletic departments, and the fate of men at Washington.


–2.  There’s no Border War with Washington, as the Rivalry is Dead
Text Article:
Published November 10, 2021
David Miller brings us some remarkable facts to posit a perception that would never have been considered before by Oregon fans.

–3.  Why Husky Fans are the WORST EVER
Text Article:  Published November 1, 2017
This article provides fodder to humiliate the Huskies for a very long time. For extra fun–load the comments and read the responses to Husky fans. Too much fun!


–4.  Husky Hubris: “Why We Fight”
Text Article: Published October 8, 2018
Charles Fischer (FishDuck) outlines further reasons that fuel the ire of Oregon fans toward the bastard Huskies.


–5.  Why I Hate the Huskies: 1974
Text Article:  
Publish date is early 2011.
The burning embers of feelings for the Huskies run deep for us all, and Benzduck explains where his come from.

Putting the clamp on Jake Locker…


–6.  15 Year Anniversary: “The Catch” & Upset for the Ages over Washington
Text Article:  
Published November 8, 2012
Kurt Liedtke reviews the details of a very memorable victory over the Huskies, and one of the greatest passes and receptions by any Oregon Duck!


–7.  Why Do I Hate the Huskies?
Text Article:  October 6, 2012
Kim Hastings is “famous on FishDuck.com” for his humor and the Huskies are in his cross-hairs this week.


–8.  The History Behind Hate Week and the Oregon-Washington Rivalry
Text Article:  
Published October 17, 2014
Pat Pannu gives us a good primer on why we hate those bastards as do


–9.  Oregon Unknowns: Ducks Win The Northwest Championship
Text Article:  
Published February 15, 2013
Josh White has fun with something that is absurd, but the Huskies value.


–10.  My Husky Hatred is Irrational: is yours?
Text Article:  
October 17, 2014
The title of the article probably tells too much about the author….

Kenjon Barner powers thru Washington.


–11.  In 113 years of Ducks-Huskies, Oregon’s time is now
Text Article: 
Published October 4, 2012
Brian Libby gives us an excellent summation of our rivalry with Huskies over the long term.


–12.  For Washington Week–A book review: “Scoreboard, Baby”
Text Article:  
Publish date unknown
Benzduck gives us astonishing insight into the depth of cheating by the damn Huskies and how it affected our rivalry.


–13.  The Origins of Hate Week, aka Oregon v Washington
Text Article: 
Published November 1, 2011.
When did Husky Hate begin? Benzduck gives us the early history of our rivalry with the “Sundodgers.”


–14.  Party Like It’s 1994!!
Text Article:  
Published October 6, 2016
Nathan Roholt takes down a pleasant memory lane beating the bastard Huskies over the years.


–15.  Just How Rare is a “Decade of Dominance?”
Text Article:  
Published October 23, 2013
Joey Holland reviews a sacred time versus our greatest rival.

Ugo Amadi preserves the victory over the Huskies.


–16.  Reveling in Oregon Rivalries: Washington Huskies
Text Article:  Published May 16, 2014
Pat Pannu helps to remind us of how the fans of both schools got to this moment … of hate.


–17.  1916 — When the Husky Hatred ‘Really’ Began
Text Article:  
Published May 20, 2015
Noah Smith created a superb look back at the origins of righteous “Husky Hatred.”


–18.  Our True Rival and Why We Hate Them
Text Article:  
October 17, 2015
Henry Swift reviews the many reasons we despise the Satans in Seattle.


–19.  Washington’s Huskies-A Team I Loved to Hate
Text Article: Published October 11, 2018
Retired College Coach Ken Woody provides a perspective known to few as he played for Oregon in this intense rivalry and coached for Washington! This is a tremendous article about our history and gives us a richer perspective of our competition.


–20. The Huskies: One Truly Disturbing Fact
Text Article
published May 25, 2020
Darren Perkins gives us some items to chuckle about concerning our rival in the far north.

–21. So Many Reasons: Oh, How We Hate the Huskies!
Text article published on December 11, 2020
Jeremiah Geiger gives us many reasons why the blood boils in this rivalry!

–22. Is There Anything Sweeter Than BEATING THE HUSKIES?
Text Article: 
Published May 8, 2021
Charles Fischer savors every victory over the Huskies in every sport!


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