Author: Kim Hastings

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A Second Income for FishDuck

Hello, Ducks. Well, we have hinted about it in weeks past. Now it’s time to come clean. The Golden Era of All gone. We have fallen on hard times. Road trips which were a few hours in the company jet...

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End of an Era

Three years, nine months, and 18 days ago I was asked to submit a column for a new website called In the 197 weeks since, I contributed 197 pieces to the site. Wednesday morning I received a call from...

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As Seen While Under the Knife

It was supposed to be a 12-minute procedure — anesthetized, wheeled into the operating room, surgery, and home that afternoon. Blood pressure 128/81. Perfect. Oxygen saturation, 96%. Very good. Heart rate 91. Not unusual pre-surgery. All systems go. IV attached...