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This BEST of Humor page is one of 12 new sections of the incredible 1,000+ piece Oregon Football Repository. It has been a blast to find all these articles and videos, and my hope is that these new sections will be a great place to retreat to when you want a break from “real-life” and wish the pleasant diversion of reading about our Beloved Ducks.

Saturday Spooks from Alan Lohner

College Football Returns with a Flash? No, a Flush
Published August 27, 2022
Alan takes no prisoners showing USC fans for what they actually are as you will laugh and wince. An epic start!

Below are the “Top 20” favorite humor articles, but you will be provided the links to view more of these pieces by Canard and Kim Hastings near the end of the suggested group of the “Best of Humor.”

Kim Hastings gave us four incredible years of humor at … truly in our “Hall of Fame!”

Something I never anticipated with this site is the opportunity to meet, become friends with and really enjoy fellow Duck fans that I never knew before. Kim Hastings has made me laugh so many times–even when I know it is coming. Saturday mornings were a blast to get a cup of coffee and sit down and see who Kim was lampooning today.

Over these years I’ve come to enjoy his humor over the phone and by email, and while others use Social Media–this site has become that for me. Kim has added so much to my life and yet …. he lives in Tacoma and I’ve never met the guy! Such is the beauty of the web when you can start friendships online, and build them over the phone.  And thanks to his hot wife, Dee-Dee for putting with our roaring over the phone at each other’s “inside jokes” that Kim would place in his articles.

I enjoy writing—when I have something to say, but have you ever tried to write something funny? Even tougher … do it on command? That is what Kim did every week for four years and it is something I still am amazed at, and am grateful for. I do hope you will overlook some of the jokes in the articles that don’t make sense, as they were timely at the moment–but we have no idea now what they are referring to.  Truly–you had to be there…

Yet with that, I believe you will enjoy the best that Kim and Canard offered to all of us, the readers of

The Best of Humor

(Enjoy the Top 20 of my Favorite Articles: Go Fish-Get Hooked!)

Which “Opponent Spoof” Pictures do you Like BEST?
Text Article: 
March 2, 2018
Charles Fischer shares his favorite pictures and captions over the years…


Oregon Ducks Recruiting Update: Top Prep Mascot Coming to Eugene
Text Article:
May 17, 2017
Darren Perkins gives us a great “tongue-in-cheek” recruiting update.


10 Reasons Why Oregon Spring Football is Better Than Sex
Text Article: 
April 8, 2017
Kim Hastings and Abbie, the Official Mascot of explains why Oregon Spring Football is better than sex.


The Best of the Infamous (To Huskies) Canard…..


Flyover Country: Meanwhile, Over in Mayberry. . .
Text and Video Article: 
March 9, 2012
Canard discusses whether Oregon State is Oregon’s true rival…


FLYOVER COUNTRY: The Sports Bra Curse
Text Article: 
June 2, 2012
Canard has too much fun with the new Beaver uniform that appears to have a “Bra” on it!


FLYOVER COUNTRY—An Eternal Identity Crisis
Text Article: 
February 22, 2013
Canard shows us that reality with the Beavers is funnier than anything we can make up. This is a classic…wow.


For access to all the other humor articles by Canardclick here.


The Best of our Beloved Kim Hastings


Confession is Good for the Duck
Text and Video Article: Published May 24, 2014
This is one of my all-time favorites from Kim Hastings….

What the Oregon Ducks are Giving up for Lent
Text Article:
March 1, 2017
Kim Hastings gives us many hoots looking back at some of our favorite Oregon traditions and moments that we would never want to give up!


12 Seeds Over 5 Seeds Down Through History
Text Article: 
March 23, 2013
Kim Hastings explains how in history, not basketball–how No. 12 Seeds have beaten No. 5 Seeds.

Spoofing Corvallis College is blood sport for Kim…


As Seen While Under the Knife
Text Article: 
Published June 13, 2015
Kim Hastings will make you chuckle again with what is knockin’ around in his noggin.


To the Class of 2014
Text and Video Article:
June 7, 2014
Kim Hastings
does it again! Try not to smile….


Reflections on Being the Same Age as the Speed Limit
Text and Video Article: 
Published February 18, 2012
Fun observations for Oregon fans by Kim Hastings for us Greybeards!


Yes, Virginia, There is a Duck
Text and Video Article:
September 7, 2013
Whoa! Kim Hastings starts this one with making me wince and roar at the same time!


The Enemy of My Enemy Still Needs a Good Thrashing
Text and Video Article: 
October 17, 2013
Besides being one of the greatest titles ever–Kim Hastings gives us more reasons to laugh at the Cougs.


Answering the Emails
Text Article: 
November 22, 2012
Kim Hastings has an interesting mail-bag to read from!


Rose Bowl Blog of a Crazed Duck Fan
Text Article:
January 7, 2012
Kim Hastings
‘s experience of the Rose Bowl is unlike any other fan….

Kim even has fun with Chip Kelly…


FishDuck Quiz: Is a Duck Fan Smarter Than Any Other Fan?
Text and Video Article:
September 24, 2015
The spoofing by Kim Hastings of our Pac-12 friends in Utah is just too funny…


“Ducks Travel to East Lansing Asking “Where?”
Text Article: 
September 10, 2015
This one will make you wince and grin by Kim Hastings–whew!


I Would Rather Have a Colonoscopy Than Lose Chip Kelly
Text and Video Article: 
Published January 5, 2013
Kim Hastings reminds us of some pleasant moments with Chip Kelly.


Fare Thee Well
Text and Video Article: 
November 26, 2015
Even in his curtain call–Kim Hastings will make you smile. What fun!


To have access to all of Kim’s articles on besides my favorites above…click here.


Charles Fischer   (FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon

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